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-> download cheatsheet

You can refer to the NodeBox reference for more detailed descriptions of the commands.

Spryte's code hints will also provide assistance as you write your code.

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code hints

The Spryte IDE provides code hints for all of the commands in this reference. These hints are easy to interpret, and an understanding of how to use them makes writing Spryte code far easier:

code hint

In the above example, the code hint pops-up automatically after opening the round-bracket for the rect() command. Code hints will do this for all recognised command keywords (rect(), oval(), etc.)

The code hints indicate what arguments the command requires. In the case of a rectangle, it is 6 comma-separated values.

However, the last 2 values of the rect() command, (round=0.0, draw=True) are optional. In fact, any parameters which have an "=" sign are optional. Should you leave these out, the round will default to 0.0 and the draw to True. In other words, the rectangle command on line 3 has no round-ing of its edges (draw=True), and is visible (draw=True).